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New Projects of IAS

Translation of Sangam Classics
The Institute of Asian Studies has launched a new project of translating the entire Tamil Sangam classics from Tamil into the other Pañca Dravida languages, namely Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The series will amount to about forty volumes in the four languages with the original Tamil version followed by Roman transliteration and translation in the respective languages with their commentary and footnotes.The project will be undertaken with the collaboration of scholars from various South Indian universities.

Seminar on Lexicography
A national seminar on lexicography is to be organised by the Institute with the financial support extended by the University Grants Commission. The Seminar will bring together leading lexicographers for a healthy interaction and dialogue on various aspects of lexicography.

Seminar on Devotional Literature
The Institute of Asian Studies is organising a national seminar on Devotional Poetry in Indian literature. Experts from various Indian languages will present scholarly papers on devotional literature. This seminar is sponsored by the University Grants Commission.

Seminar on Translation
A national seminar on practice and theory of translation is to be organised by the Institute with the financial support of the University Grants Commission. Scholars interested to contribute papers may contact the Institute at the earliest.

Seminar on South Indian Social History
The Institute of Asian Studies has planned to organise a seminar on the social history of South India in three phases. The first phase covers up to 6th century A.D., the second phase up to 12th century A.D., and the third phase up to 18th century A.D. Ninety research papers will be presented on various aspects of the life style of the people of South India by eminent scholars. The papers will be published in three volumes.

Workshop on Intellectual Property Protection Rights
The Institute of Asian Studies is conducting a workshop at the national level on various issues related to the intellectual property rights for 6 days starting from 19-6-2000 to 24-6-2000 with the participation of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

The following scholars representing various disciplines will give lectures on various aspects related to the preservation and conservation of cultural treasures and matters asociated with copyrights. The experts are drawn from various areas including legal departments, police departments, revenue departments as well as academic circles. The main thrust will be on the copy right issues related to folk traditions, manuscripts and other archival materials of cultural and intellectual significance.

Resource Persons:
1. Mr. T.C. James,
Under Secretary and Deputy Registrar,
(Copy right B),
Ministry of Human Resource,
New Delhi - 110 001.
2. Mrs. P.V. Vatsala G. kutty,
D-302, Kasturbha Gandhi Apartments,
New Delhi - 110 001.

3. Dr. N.S. Gopalakrishnan,
School of Legal Studies,
Cochin University of Science & Technology,
Cochin - 682 022.

4. Dr. Madhav Gadgil,
Indian Institute of Science,

5. Mr. M.D. Muthukumara Swamy,
Executive Trusty, National Folklore Support Centre,
Chennai - 600 042.

6. Dr. Saratha Ramanathan,
Programme Officer - Art & Culture,
Ford Foundation,
New Delhi - 110 003.

7. Mr. P. Pandiyan, I.A.S. (Retd.)

8. Dr. R. Kannan, I.A.S.
Commissioner, Museum,
Chennai - 600 008.

9. Dr. V. Jayaraj,
Curator, Museum,
Chennai - 600 008.

10. Mr. K. Lakshmi Narayanan,
Curator, Museum,
Chennai - 600 008.

11. Mr. R. Balasubramaniyan,
Curator, Museum,
Chennai - 600 008.

12. Mr. M. Sendur Pandiyan,
Research Officer,
Tamil Nadu Archives,
Chennai - 600 008.

13. Dr. K.S.K. Velmani,
Editor, Gazetteer,
Tamil Nadu Archives,
Chennai - 600 008.

14. Dr. Nalini,
Assistant Editor, Gazetteer ,
Tamil Nadu Archives,
Chennai - 600 008.

15. Dr. M. Sundararaj,
Assistant Librarian,
Tamil Nadu Archives,
Chennai - 600 008.

16. Mr. Harinarayana,
Director of Museum (Retd.)

17. Mr. Natana Kasinathan,
Director of Archeology (Retd.),

18. Mr. Karikal Valavan, I.A.S.,
Chairman and Managing Director,
Chennai - 600 040.

19. Mr. Sripaul, I.P.S.(Retd.)

20. Justice. Mohan, Chief Justice (Retd.)
21. Mr. D. Narayanappa,Chief Botanist,
Anna Hospital,
Chennai - 600 106.

Participants of this workshop will be given a daily allowance of Rs.50 in addition to lunch, tea and free transportation from Thiruvanmiyur to the premises of Institute of Asian Studies. Interested persons may contact the Institute either by e-mail or surface mail.

Second International Conference on Skanda Murugan

The Institute has consented to organise the Second International Conference on Skanda Murukan in Mauritius rather and in Sri Lanka. Dr. G. John Samuel, Director of the Institute of Asian Studies, recently visited Mauritius and Reunion Island, interacted with the scholars and officials there and tentatively fixed the conference for April 2001, during the period of the Chithirai Kavadi festival in Mauritius. Scholars and devotees interested to participate and present papers should contact the Institute of Asian Studies at the earliest.

Bodhidharma Centre for the Study of Indian Philosophy in Kancheepuram

Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu was the capital of the early Pallava kings. It was a centre of philosophy and a Buddhist university was established in Kancheepuram parallel to Nalanda University of North India.

Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk from Kancheepuram who went to China in the 4th century A.D. and started the Ch'an school of Buddhism, which is otherwise called Dhyanam (meditation) school. He brought to China not only Buddhism but also many aspects of Tamil culture including the martial arts of Tamil Nadu.

Japanese Zen Buddhism is based upon the Ch'an School of Buddhism expounded by Bodhidharma of Tamil Nadu. Bodhidharma is affectionately known to Japanese people as Darma San.

To commemorate the memory of Bodhidharma, the Institute of Asian Studies has decided to construct a major monument in the name of this great Saint of Tamil Nadu and to start a study centre for Indian philosophy, especially the various schools of Buddhism. In a way the centre will be a revival of the ancient Buddhist university that once flourished in Kancheepuram.

The Institute has purchased two acres of land beside the Kailasa Nathar temple for this purpose. The construction of this study centre will be started soon.

An Appeal . . .
The Institute invites Buddhist centres, scholars, and philosophists throughout the world to contribute liberally to this great task. For any information regarding this centre you may kindly contact the Director of the Institute of Asian Studies either by telephone or fax or e-mail or by surface-mail.

Centre for Tamil Studies at Pondicherry

The Institute is planning to establish a centre in Pondicherry to cater to the cultural and linguistic needs of the Tamil diaspora living in Mauritius and Reunion Island. Land for the creation of such a centre has been donated by Dr S. Neelamegam of Reunion Island. This centre will be engaged in the preparation of teaching materials including cultural and religious programs in French medium making use of multimedia facilities. Interested persons may contact the Institute for further details.

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